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22-Aug-2017 | Electronic Device

Advancement in Equipment to Bolstered the Global Air Conditioner Market

Around the globe, there is a common environmental concern witness, that is, the growing rate of emission owing to high utilization of energy and heat dissipation sources. The sources are infinite, as electricity is utilized by every appliance we use at home or workplaces. However, the use of a single individual doesn’t impact much on the environment but when millions of such individuals c ...

22-Aug-2017 | Healthcare

AI to Help Boost Health Care and Medical Industry

Automated programs or bots, are possible to play a major role in discovering treatments for some of the most complicated-to-treat conditions and diseases.

Artificial intelligence is quickly shifting into health care and medical industry, guided by some of the top tech majors and up-and-coming startups employing it to respond and diagnose to a number of diseases and conditions.

18-Aug-2017 | Electrical

Enhanced Consumer Expenditure to Spur the Alkaline Batteries Market

Alkaline batteries are widely used in electronic devices such as flashlight, toys, and digital cameras. However, with technological advancements and popularity of online/video games and smartphones, the usage of these batteries is now limited to smoke alarms, flashlights, and a few other low-tech applications. Basically, there are 2 alkaline battery types: primary & secondary. Also called a ...

18-Aug-2017 | Education

Generation Of New Slot At Busy Airports to Uplift The Airport Information Systems Market

Airports are progressively implementing technological solutions to attain related cost reductions and operational efficiency. As a consequence, the establishments are spending in new technologies such as near-field communications, geolocation, 3D face recognition, iBeacons, thermal sensors, and video analytics. The demand for instantaneous data sharing, rising passenger traffic, and need for ma ...

31-Jul-2017 | Food & Beverage

Growing Travel Expedition and Changing Lifestyle Has Spurred the Growth Of The Global Freeze Dried Food Market

Freeze drying is one of the dehydration process, which is otherwise called lyophilization. The benefit of freeze drying over other drying methods, for example, fluid bed drying and spray drying is that amid the freeze drying process, the food products are brought into contact with the cold temperature. This enables the sustenance to hold its regular properties, while in different methods, the f ...

31-Jul-2017 | Electronic Device

Increase In R&D Spending and Technological Advancements to Boost The Nanosensors Market

Nanosensors are mechanical or chemical sensors that can be utilized to identify the existence of nanoparticles and chemical species or keep track of physical factors such as temperature, on the nanoscale. These are basically utilized in healthcare and biomedical sector and also assist in production other nanoproducts such as nanoscale and nanorobots. They have modernized the semiconductor indus ...

18-Jul-2017 | Electrical

Jio’s Success to Boost the Indian Telecom Market

Around 90% of Reliance Jio consumers are anticipated to have registered to its Prime membership promotional plan, according to a study by Bank of America Merill Lynch. This study has defiantly revealed about the current growth of the Indian telecom market.

18-Jul-2017 | Electronic Device

KATIE Will Transform the Global Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing Market

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently being integrated into all the technologies that are being developed. Hence, the need for people to know more about AI is very important. Keeping this in mind, Knowlarity, the Cloudcommunications provider, has introduced a new platform named “Knowlarity Artificial Intelligence Experience (KATIE).” It has been formed so as to help the commodit ...

13-Jul-2017 | Textiles

Growing trend of international tourism and hiking has motivated the growth of the camping tent market

We are living in the world where traveling is preferred majorly by the population. No matter for what reason we travel, the accommodation plays a vital role. The most different and thrilling type of accommodation is the tent. Many of the times travelers prefer to stay in tents to experience the beauty of the nature closely. Other reasons are the expensive hotels or unavailability of stay facili ...

13-Jul-2017 | IT & Telecommunications

Growing Need to Reduce Grid Outages to Fuel the Synchrophasors Market

Synchrophasor is a tool which calculates values such as power and voltage from phasor measurement units. The measurements are time-stamped and taken at high speed according to the common time reference. It enables the synchronization of synchrophasors from diverse utilities. This gives a thorough operational synopsis of the whole interconnection. It assists the grid operators to identify distur ...