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20-Mar-2017 | Medical Devices

Rising Shift to Regenerative Medicines to Boost Its Market

Our body has its own healing and defending mechanisms when we are suffering from a disease or injured. Have you ever thought what if we were able to exploit this power to cure and then speed it up with a clinically significant approach?

17-Mar-2017 | IT & Telecommunications

Fitbit Leading The Global Wearable Technology Market Says A Survey

Everybody is well aware of what Fitbit is. The company is popular for its fitness bands. Many other giant tried to come in the market. Some of them were successful while others failed. But those who were successful did not match the capability of Fitbit. And a recent report given out by the company about its turnover made it clear that Fitbit is the leading company in the global market, thus bo ...

17-Mar-2017 | Information

Cloudupdrs App” Can Help Parkinson’s Patients As Well as The Mobile Medical Apps Market Prosperity

A smartphone app which can help you track the human brain disorder such as Parkinson’s disease is something that can raise your eyebrows. But, it is true. The researchers have developed an app that can keep a real-time track on the Parkinson’s affected individuals’ daily chores right from eating habits to socializing. The detailed study in the changes of behavior or actions of ...

14-Mar-2017 | Electronic Device

The New Revolution Galactic Attack Launched: Mixed Reality Market To Boost

Imagine a combination of real environment situations with a computer or digital world! Isn’t it surprising! The development has made this mixed reality a dream come true. The introduction of this technology into the theme parks is going to make the roller coaster rides even more exciting. Samsung and the theme parks Six Flags Magic Mountain and Six flags Discovery Kingdom have partnered u ...

14-Mar-2017 | Manufacturing & Construction

Post Demonetization Cosmetic Remained Unaffected Commodity In FMCG Market

Demonetization—a step taken to pull out all the unexplainable cash, restrict duplicate currency, and to streamline the currency distribution and tax recovery. These were the factors that were supposed to be emphasized post demonetization call. However, it isn’t yet confirmed that the motive is accomplished or not. Though it was a historic financial decision, but it affects almost sh ...

07-Mar-2017 | Consumer Goods & Retailing

Socks Those Are Stronger Than Steel Boosted The Global Socks Market

Barefoot Company, a footwear manufacturer company, recently launched socks which are 15 times stronger than steel. These socks, known as Free Your Feet, have given a new definition to the socks. Users can now get rid of their shoes and can walk around without shoes. This also resulted in the boost of the global socks market.

07-Mar-2017 | Automobile

Technological Advancements to Fuel The Car Safety Systems Market

The implementation of car safety systems has augmented quickly over the last few decades. The market is anticipated to boost further owing to the rising concern between the governments and customers regarding the vehicle and consumer safety, optimal fuel competence, and decrease of greenhouse carbon footprints and gas emissions.

23-Feb-2017 | Healthcare

Changing Lifestyle May Stimulate The Global Personal Care Packaging Market

Personal care industry delivers a huge contribution in global finance, as its needs are never ending due to changing habits and lifestyle routines. Owing to this, personal care packaging industry is also highly impacted, resulting in huge demand for the related packaging products and raw materials.

23-Feb-2017 | Biotechnology

Personalized Molecular Medicines to Boost The Molecular Diagnostics Market

Molecular diagnostics is a technique of verifying and analyzing the biological markers in the proteome and genome, which can enable the identification of gene expression with the aid of molecular biology. Molecular diagnostics are basically utilized for disease diagnosis and the risk associated with it. Molecular diagnostics are greatly efficient in analyzing infectious diseases and subsequentl ...

15-Feb-2017 | Medical Devices

Four-Dimensional Imaging Technology to Boost The Medical Imaging Market

Medical imaging is a technique used to obtain a visual illustration of the interior of a body by using various imaging procedures for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes. The medical imaging has a significant role in enhancing health as it is used for imaging the human body for analysis and management of several types of diseases. Over the past decade, the field of medical imaging has been deve ...