Elekta’s New MR/RT System “Elekta Unity” Set To Uphold The Medical Diagnostic Market Growth

Posted on: May-2017 | By: QY Research | Medical Devices

Elekta has unveiled its new magnetic resonance radiation therapy system this year. This new product is something the company believes in utilizing to overcome the limitations in the traditional radiation delivery systems with a high-quality diagnostic MR imaging system that too within a high magnetic resonance field.

Owing to the increasing demand and supply for more adaptive treatment methods along with the minimal uncertainties of the tumor location during the scanning among the patients and public is the basic reason expected to boost the demand of this new real-time imaging system, which in turn will enhance the growth of the medical diagnostic market.

Some of the astounding features such as the high-quality MR images and accurate targeted radiation doses are the factors expected to excel the product growth in the global market. The device is designed such that it has a compact look, 70cm wide bore MRI, a table with minimal load height for the patient’s comfort, a soft tabletop, and a non-glare room lighting in order to woo its customers along with the patients. In addition to all this, the major rationale for the product’s success in the medical diagnostic market is its 1.5 Tesla MRI scanner, intelligent software, and an advanced linear accelerator.

The systems higher dose administration, functional MR imaging for determining tumor response to therapies, excellent radiation therapy, and tissue differentiation features are an extra roll-over prizes that the medical diagnostic market can cherish.
Elekta plans to publicize the new MRI system to the global oncology community at the ESTRO 36 and declare this device as one of the great medical achievements in front of the MR-linac Consortium members.

However, in addition to all this, the high cost of the medical device along with the stringent procedures to be followed while it’s functioning is expected to pull down the growth of the global medical diagnostic market indirectly.

The Elekta Unity is going to prove to be an important entity the world has been waiting for since a long time. Elekta plans to make an important and valuable landmark in the global medical diagnostic market in the coming years.