Rising Shift to Regenerative Medicines to Boost Its Market

Posted on: Mar-2017 | By: QY Research | Medical Devices

Our body has its own healing and defending mechanisms when we are suffering from a disease or injured. Have you ever thought what if we were able to exploit this power to cure and then speed it up with a clinically significant approach?

The growing regenerative medicine field is functioning to retain the function and structure of the injured organs and tissues by regenerating organs, tissues, and cells. This field is also looking for a solution for the organs that are permanently damaged. The aim of the regenerative medicine is to come up with cures to treat diseases and injuries that were earlier untreatable.

The medicines have a potential to restore the functionality of tissue and cells. And can be utilized in a broad array of degenerative disorders, including neurodegenerative diseases, dermatology, orthopedic, and cardiovascular applications. This stream of molecular biology and tissue engineering has a positive potential and is propelled by the need of patients, tissue scaffold, gene therapy products, improvement of cell therapy, and rise in the digit of developing products.

The prominent factor augmenting the regenerative medicine market growth include the private and government expenditure to encourage the regenerative medicine development, increasing incidence of genetic disorders and chronic diseases, rising healthcare expenditure globally, and rapidly increasing geriatric population. Furthermore, the rising research applications, increasing requirement of tissue engineering, stem cell therapy systems, and biomaterials are few other factors boosting the growth of the market. Likewise, the use of nanomaterials in drug delivery, immunomodulation, and wound care can offer new opportunities for the market in the coming period.

However, the strict regulation and the huge price of the biomaterials may impede the growth of the regenerative medicines market. But, we can still expect a significant growth of the market in the near future with the increasing stem cell application and improvements in the nanotechnology.