Will Apple’s New Mobile AI Chip Be Able to Bolster the Global Artificial Intelligence Market?

Posted on: Jun-2017 | By: QY Research | IT & Telecommunications

Artificial intelligence is currently being used for a number of purposes in the field of defense, medical, and technology for security and technological advancement. Apple is a multinational technology company that has been working on a chip since a long time for the betterment of the people. The chip called the “Apple Neural Engine” is designed in such a manner that it can carry out the artificial intelligence function on the mobile devices.

The new mobile AI chip along with augmented reality and digital assistant will catalyze the use of artificial intelligence on mobile devices. The use of artificial intelligence is basically to help processing of the data at a faster rate suing the machine learning program. How fast will the CPU work using Google’s AI hardware, called the Tensor Processing Unit, AI chip, and graphic processors in the computer? It is unimaginable.

The aspiration among the people to have artificial intelligence be included in most of the devices for security and safety purposes is a basic reason behind the technological firms coming up with new technologies. The development of mobile AI chips can help propel the global artificial intelligence market in the coming years. The need for road safety has increased the potential use of artificial intelligence in the cars, health devices, and mobile apps that connect to a number of other devices. In addition to all this, the addiction of people to stay glued to their phones has urged Apple to introduce the artificial intelligence concept in the mobile phones and boost the global market in turn.

Imagine your phone turning out to become an autonomous machine with a self-directed intelligent ecosystem; it would be amazing right. But when it comes to introducing the artificial intelligence in the mobile phones there are a number of disadvantages as well such as security breaching issues and also the stringent government laws regarding the use of artificial intelligence that can hamper the growth of the global market to a greater extent.

The increasing dependency of the people on the artificial intelligence directly asks the question regarding the human’s cognitive ability, which is not good at all. Thus, it is for us to decide whether to cherish the development of new mobile AI chip or not.