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QY Research Group is a knowledgeable one-stop source that offers unequivocally created market reports. With the coordination of our experts group, their proficiency, and dependable information sources, we deliver some of the finest reports of unending ventures and organizations. We make reports that cover basic business parameters, for example, generation rate, producing patterns, inventory network administration, and development of dissemination organize.

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15-Nov-2017 | IT & Telecommunications

Inclusion of Cortana to Skype Will Boost the Global Artificial Intelligence Market

The US-located tech major Microsoft has declared that Cortana, its virtual assistant, will now be accessible on Skype, its video communication tool. This decision of the company is sure to boost the global artificial intelligence market. As per official blog post of Microsoft, this feature will be obtainable starting this week for both Android and iOS consumers in the U.S., but as of now there ...

15-Nov-2017 | Consumer Goods & Retailing

Increasing Demand for Carbon Black to Boost Its Market

Carbon black is a deep black-colored, fine powder that is produced by burning hydrocarbons in inadequate air. Owing to its conducting, tinting, and reinforcing properties, it is used in numerous sectors. The largest consumer of carbon black is the tire industry. It elevates the abrasion resistance and tensile strength of the automotive tires and offers strength and longevity. There has been a s ...