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18-Oct-2017 | IT & Telecommunications

Iot-Connected Gadgets to Cross 50 Billion by 2020 Spurring the Global Technological Market

As per a report published last week, the Internet of Things-connected device will reach 50 Billion by the end of 2020. The report stated that the connected gadgets can lower the price of the investment by the U.S. on healthcare by $300 Billion yearly. In addition to this, energy savings achieved by connected gadgets can lower the emission of greenhouse gas by as much as 19%. This is surely goin ...

18-Oct-2017 | IT & Telecommunications

Kaspersky to Boost The Global Cyber Security Market

Recently Kaspersky, the global company in the cyber security industry, has been in limelight. And now, it seems that the company’s dream is in jeopardy. The CEO of the company, Eugene Kaspersky, had a dream that the company should go beyond selling just anti-virus software to the users. But due to some of the reasons, it seems that this dream might be in danger. Even though this is a sad ...

12-Oct-2017 | Electronic Device

Launch of Jio’s 4G Handset to Fuel the Global Tablet and Smartphone Market

Reliance Jio had already been in talks due to its affordable plans that it is offering to its users. And now, the company has launched its 4G enabled smartphone in the country. This handset is claimed to be the cheapest and most affordable 4G handset in the market. The launch of this handset is going to boost the profit charts of the company. And simultaneously, it is also going to power the gl ...

12-Oct-2017 | Others

Louis Vuitton Rolls E-Commerce Website Towering the Global Online Ecommerce Retailer Market

Louis Vuitton, the French fashion brand, is part of luxury major LVMH. The fashion brand fashion brand this week said that it had rolled out an e-commerce website in China to knock a booming online shopping market. Louis Vuitton, which started its first shop in 1992 in Beijing, said that the website provides small leather goods, leather goods, accessories, shoes, jewelry, watch, the newly launc ...

09-Oct-2017 | Energy & Resources

Indian Energy Market Eyes the Alternative Sources for a Solution

Renewable sources are what the Indian petroleum sector are looking forward to in order to find an alternative for the exhaustible fuels that are being utilized on a larger scale in today’s generation. Thus, as a part of the initiative, the Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has decided on making it mandatory for the automotive industry to come up with a new technology that will help t ...

09-Oct-2017 | IT & Telecommunications

Investment in 5G Technology Fuels the Growth of Telecommunication Market

The worldwide telecommunications market is constantly changing on account of the continuing developments and innovations taking place constantly and at a rapid pace. The 5G trials and its exploitation in the market will be a major focus in the coming years. As everyday life seems to be gradually becoming dependent on usage of the telecom services and products, the worldwide telecommunication ma ...

03-Oct-2017 | Chemicals & Materials

Rising Demand to Drive the Paints and Coating Market Globally

Any liquid, mastic, or liquefiable formation is paint. When this paint is smeared in a slim layer to a substrate will convert into the solid film. It aids in the protection of the object, coloring it, and providing texture to items. Instead of the aesthetic features, an industrial coating is the type of paint that is well defined by its quality of protectiveness, even though it can offer both a ...

03-Oct-2017 | Manufacturing & Construction

Panasonic Toughbook CF-33 to Tower the Global Laptop Market

Panasonic, the Japanese manufacturer, has extended its rugged range of laptops in the country with the fresh Toughbook CF-33. Having a price tag of Rs 270,000, the firm states that the Toughbook CF-33 is perfect for emergency services, police, defense, government agencies, maintenance, field service workers, and service technicians in the telecommunications and utilities sector. This launch of ...

25-Sep-2017 | Electronic Device

ZB-Rocker M3 to power the global sound bar and speaker market

Zoook, the French audio manufacturer, has rolled out its new speaker in India—the Mean Machine ZB-Rocker M3 Mini Bluetooth speaker. While normally having a price tag of Rs 1,299, the speaker is presently available at a discounted cost of Rs 999 valid till August 11, 2017. The speaker will be traded solely on Amazon India, and is the descendant to the Mean Machine M2. This will surely boos ...

25-Sep-2017 | Automobile

Chinese Auto Giants Now Targeting Indian Automobile Market

On one side where there are border disputes between the two countries of India and China, there are different trade related chemistry being tested inside Chinese borders. The Government of India is majorly focusing on its initiative of Make in India and had also organized two seminars emphasized on automobile sector in two Chinese cities.