4G phone market is a huge upcoming prospect for phone makers in India

Posted on: Apr-2017 | By: QY Research | IT & Telecommunications

The jump of Reliance Jio as a remarkable telecom organization a year ago impelled a war that resulted in affordable 4G benefits with more customers onboard. Subsequently, numerous users are currently in the market to purchase affordable 4G empowered smart phones. Looking at the condition of the Indian cell phone makers due to declining deals and firm rivalry, a prominent prospective growth area for them is to develop 4G empowered component telephones.

About 400 million phones were sold globally a year ago. In the mean time, the development in cell phone sales nearly restrained with only a 3 percent year-on-year increment.

The report states that as a result of the 4G uprising in India, the interest for 4G powered phones in the nation could be as much as 60 million for this year. The report claims that Indian smart phones market has caliber for 200 million 4G featured phones in coming future.

Rural areas of India are still way from the reach of the service providers. So as to tap this opportunities Reliance itself provides 4G VOLTE enabled phones along with sim and unlimited package.

Qualcomm being a lead in LTE technology market knows the ups and downs very deeply if compared to the other players. As a result, it can squeeze its offering by considering how the entry level product delivery can be utilized specially in rising markets where local phone makers are determined for segregation.

Looking at future opportunities in the 4G phone market, majority of the Indian phone makers have pulled up their socks to grab this onetime growth aspect.

However there’s no word from the international players from china, whether they will be introducing any of its 4G enabled products that ranges below 5000. Indian players such as Lava, Micromax, and Intex are all set to launch their low budget 4G enabled phones in Indian market.