Cloudupdrs App” Can Help Parkinson’s Patients As Well as The Mobile Medical Apps Market Prosperity

Posted on: Mar-2017 | By: QY Research | Information

A smartphone app which can help you track the human brain disorder such as Parkinson’s disease is something that can raise your eyebrows. But, it is true. The researchers have developed an app that can keep a real-time track on the Parkinson’s affected individuals’ daily chores right from eating habits to socializing. The detailed study in the changes of behavior or actions of the patients is a must, which is not possible by the doctor due to the occasional visits; hence the use of the app can prove to be a helping hand for the doctors. The brainchild behind the Android app called “CloudUPDRS” is Roussos and his colleagues. The app uses smartphone sensors to test the disease severity by carrying out physical test and self-assessment questions. The app is set to make some noise in the Mobile medical apps market.

Aspiration to own a smartphone:

The rising trend among the masses to own a smartphone has helped the mobile medical apps market flourish at a rapid pace. The growing aged population has resulted in the increased human brain disorders, which in turn increases the demand for diagnostic procedures. The escalating use of the super-fast Parkinson’s app among the clinicians and, in addition to this, its certification as a medical device by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency can drive the global mobile medical apps market.

Apps features to enhance the diagnosis process:

The CloudUPDRS app helps in diagnosing the severity of the Parkinson’s disease by carrying out the test for a longer time such as 25 Minutes if the errors are detected by the smartphone sensors. On the other hand, if the results are good the duration time is reduced to about 4 Minutes. Thus, it renders the app to be a very reliable and accurate technology. The app reduces the burden on the clinician’s shoulder and helps them keep a track on the patient’s data, which in short makes the diagnosis of the disease progression even faster.

In a nutshell, an app can capacitate people with Parkinson’s.