Growing trend of international tourism and hiking has motivated the growth of the camping tent market

Posted on: Jul-2017 | By: QY Research | Textiles

We are living in the world where traveling is preferred majorly by the population. No matter for what reason we travel, the accommodation plays a vital role. The most different and thrilling type of accommodation is the tent. Many of the times travelers prefer to stay in tents to experience the beauty of the nature closely. Other reasons are the expensive hotels or unavailability of stay facility in remote areas.

Increasing inclination on adventure tourism to seek relief from stress and hectic lifestyles have attracted many people to explore new places that are filled with nature’s bounty and relaxing environment. This shift in the individual’s mentality has created opportunities for the market players dealing in adventure travelling equipment. And camping tent is one of the crucial equipment.

As per the information, in 2015, Europe was the leading adventure tourism market holding the dominance of 40% of the market. Growing number of people to take part in adventure activities such as rock climbing, hiking, and trekking has boosted the growth of the camping tents. On the other hand, growing number of tourism service providers and awareness among the travelers about the websites that organize such events in mesmerizing location within budget have significantly spurred the growth of the camping tent market.

Based on the report, it has been seen that the number of international tourist arrivals have drastically increased from 2014. This is due to growing number of camping sites and newly explored places that is driving the demand for camping tent.+

Camping and other adventure activities are popular in well-established countries such as France, Germany, and the U.K. owing to which the participant’s numbers for camping is constantly rising. This is one of the major driving factor responsible for the growth of the global market. Advertisement media is one crucial strategy implemented by the key competitors to reach the potential travelers. Rising trend of e-commerce and camping tents available with discounts on the sites have considerably increased the demand rates of camping tents.+

Moreover, replacement of old tents and development of superior tents, made with high standard materials, and high utilization of tents in harsh climate leads to wear and tear. This generates a huge demand of new tents and ultimately drives the growth of global camping tent market.