KATIE Will Transform the Global Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing Market

Posted on: Jul-2017 | By: QY Research | Electronic Device

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently being integrated into all the technologies that are being developed. Hence, the need for people to know more about AI is very important. Keeping this in mind, Knowlarity, the Cloud communications provider, has introduced a new platform named “Knowlarity Artificial Intelligence Experience (KATIE).” It has been formed so as to help the commoditized cloud telephony industry and business communications reach a paradigm shift.

Creating awareness among the people regarding the AI has urged the company to come up with such a display place. The launch of this platform can help the Global artificial intelligence and Cognitive computing market bolster in the coming months. The latest AI-powered cloud telephony is set to create a change like never before. It will totally reimage the cloud telephony domain. Using the AI will help the businesses implement the task of lowering down their operational cost, send personalized messages to the customers on a constant basis, and also standardize their operational procedures.

The only drawback that these platforms have to face is their high cost of maintenance and high operational cost that has got a number of businesses thinking twice before purchasing it. The AI-powered platforms are worth every penny spent. Hence, all that we have to do is get ready to expect the technology so as to learn more using the platform.

The use of KATIE in the enterprise scale will help handle large number of data in a real-time, which is a roll-over prize for the global artificial intelligence and cognitive computing market. The platform is expected to not only ease and enrich the user experience but also use a combination of AI query and visualization to perform quantitative as well as qualitative tasks.

The launch of various next-generation solutions such as the “Personalised Contextual Automated Calls” that is powered by the Text-to-Speech services is another product Knowlarity is looking forward to.

Knowlarity can bring about a new change in the commoditized cloud telephony industry and business communications in the next few years. The global market is expected to propel mainly due to the launch of platforms or products including KATIE, Siri, AIXI, and so on.