Rising Demand for Heavy Duty Equipment Spurs the Global Screw Pump Market

Posted on: Oct-2017 | By: QY Research | Manufacturing & Construction

The energy demand around the globe has developed and will keep on growing throughout the forecast period as well owing to aspects such as speedy enlargement in the manufacturing sector, urbanization, industrial growth, and the rise in population. All these factors involve a boost in the power utilization and expansion in the energy demand. The population migration from rural and remote areas to developed areas is one of the key drivers of extreme energy demand all over the world.

Innovation activities are greater than before around the world to meet the requirement of people, but simultaneously, the need for such tools that can be useful for functioning under unkind conditions has also floated up.

Owing to longer service life and consistency there is a rise in the demand for screw pumps from the various end-user industries in the severe conditions of the industries.

In case of normal pumps, they need water in the inlets for smooth functioning, but screw pumps have the facility to function without water. This turns out to be the advantage, as the necessity of those expensive level controls installations remains absent. This characteristic facilitates the pumps to operate in the dry state, which reduces the maintenance cost and prevents damage to the pumps, disparate to the other pumps they get damaged early owing to non-compatible to the water-less functionality. Reduction of maintenance cost is the prime reason responsible for the growth of the Global screw pump market.

Increasing demand for oil and gas is constantly rising, while on the other side cost of oil and gas extraction is also simultaneously escalating. This factor has fostered the demand for screw pumps owing to competent operating parameters.

Thus various benefits such as long-term savings, low maintenance and handling, and durable service life have also motivated the growth of the global screw pump market.

However, key players in the global market are constantly looking forward to come up with advanced and high-tech pumps with low power consumption. This has also motivated the demand from the end-user industries, which drive the growth of the global screw pump market.