Sony’s Soundbar Ht-Ct290 to Fuel the Global Soundbar Market

Posted on: Oct-2017 | By: QY Research | IT & Telecommunications

Sony, the Japanese consumer electronics major, has rolled out Soundbar HT-CT290 in India. Having a price tag of Rs 19,990, the gadget will be accessible at major electronic stores and all Sony Centers all over India. This launch of Soundbar HT-CT290 is powering the global soundbar market. Let us have a detailed look on this market.

People hunting for another option for the home theater system then the soundbar may seem to be the best solution. The soundbars are currently in rage among the public owing to its sleek and sound quality. The soundbars surely cannot replace the whole home theater setup. But can be the best option for all the music lovers looking for a trendy technology above the home theaters boosting the Global soundbar market.

A soundbar is a kind of special speaker bar used to improve the quality of sound just like the surround sound systems or home theater systems. But a soundbar is easier to set up compared to less complexity in setting up the whole system. The special speaker can be placed on the computer monitors or under the television sets for enhancing the entire sound experience. The soundbars are designed in a manner that they can support the subwoofer for a maximum bass response or can be self-powered that makes it easier to be located anywhere in the room.

The soundbars basically work on the psychoacoustic effect by adjusting the volume and timings of the speakers. Out of all the models, some of the soundbar models have been designed such that the virtual surround sound is either bounced off the sides or the back walls for producing an effective sound environment precisely depending on the room size. Some of the amazing features include easy connectivity and installation, minimal wiring, advanced look, virtual surround sound effect, and a perfect device for small–medium spaces. In addition to the pros, there are certain cons such as bad experience in terms of virtual surround sound in a large space, separate subwoofer required for a better experience, and specific sweet spots created while enjoying the music may restrain the soundbar market growth on a worldwide basis.